STUPEFYE, LLC is a talent and brand management company that is fully committed to enabling and encouraging future legends to create, monetize and succeed at their crafts and businesses while progressing the culture. The services STUPEFYE offers are comprehensive and tailor to the individualized needs of our roster. They include: strategy, development, content production, day-to-day administration, market research, direct-to-fan distribution, partnership sourcing, and outreach.

We here at STUPEFYE believe that life as we know it was created by those who not only trusted and believed in themselves but also had a support system that enabled them to push boundaries and create the products, systems and entertainment that we so casually experience today.

STUPEFYE is dedicated to being that support system for the brands, companies and creators we manage. STUPEFYE only manages the dedicated and the persistent, those who will not take no for an answer when it comes to following their dreams and living up to their true potential.

We are dedicated to the journey of creation and the pursuit of success.