GIB DJ is a music producer born and raised in Allston, Massachusetts. A complex person residing in a self-created nebulous world, GIB DJ builds sounds to make listeners pay attention to the artist’s message while simultaneously losing themselves in the melody.

Sitting in a room with Gibby while he produces music is essentially watching him shift through various dimensions. At times we see him harmonically playing the guitar undoubtedly influenced by his love of 80s artists such as Billie Holiday, Prince, and Quincy Jones – inspired by their ability to transport their listeners into another realm where the unthinkable, the impossible, the unspeakable, is the only reality. At other times, we see him in the zone, concentrating…translating the small noises in his head, the inklings of sounds, instruments, and vocals into a fusion of sonic energy.

GIB DJ is a deeply complex person who simultaneously exists in multiple dimensions, periods of times, and realities. The multiplicity of GIB DJ’s soul allows him to serve as a sonic architect. As a producer, he lays the foundation with the beats, melodies, instruments to hold the weight of the artist’s voice – layering track on top of track to create a cohesive sound. Gib’s ability to effortlessly execute these technical skills is masterful, but his true genius lies in his ability to build sounds that are rhythmically pleasing. The sounds GIB DJ generates transports you into spaces where you can vibe alone in your space, hype yourself up with gang, gaze into your lover’s eyes, or just remember that you’re alive with two feet on the ground.

What makes GIB DJ unique is that he doesn’t have the same ego or need to “create something new”. GIB DJ simply wants the artists to feel as if they brought their sounds to life. There are so many sounds that have already been produced, reinventing the wheel is the ego speaking, not genuine love for the artistry. Bringing those sounds together to translate that into sounds is his main goal.  This is GIB DJ.