$ean Wire

Emotionally connected, intimately aggressive rap. Boston native, $ean Wire, refuses to let anyone put him or his creations in a box. $ean’s artistry is a blend of emotions, thoughts, and experiences spoken in a cadence and tone reminiscent of poetry. The enticing melody and meticulous delivery are matched by powerful lyrics and imagery that draw the listener inside of $ean’s world. He transitions flawlessly between thought-provoking rap and melodic singing challenging his listeners to turn inward and explore the organized chaos of their mind.

In January of  2019, $ean released DEAR, a project that bears witness to $ean boldly confronting the intensity and conviction of his emotions, thoughts, and experiences. We hear $ean growing through the unfair circumstances of life that he was born into as a Black man, coping and learning through tragedies such as being hit by a car, and balancing complex relationships with his parents, friends, and lovers. DEAR is a written history of deep lows and glorious triumphs. DEAR is $ean Wire defining $ean Wire.

With such a distinct sound that grapples with intricacies of life, it’s no surprise that $ean’s artistry proceeds him. $ean’s work has been covered by Rolling Stone Magazine, HypeBeast, Pitchfork, Lyrical Lemonade, DJ Booth.Net, Pigeons & Planes, This Is RnB. $ean has contributed to projects and collaborations at several music industry corporations such as Atlantic Records, Slip N Slide, Empire, RCA , and Universal Records. In 2019, $ean’s dedication and passion were recognized when he won R&B Artist Of The Year at the Boston Music Awards.

The accolades and coverage are welcomed but by no means the validation that $ean needs or craves. The genuine love and dedication he has for his craft; passion for melodies, beats, and tempos; and the depth at which he grapples with experiences so ubiquitous to the human experience that they themselves can only be considered human is what makes $ean’s work praiseworthy. It’s what sets him apart.

With all of the press and buzz, fans eagerly await $ean’s next creation – Internal Dialect – set to release in January of 2020. The next chapter in $ean’s written history, witnesses $ean accepting $ean and all of the uniqueness, idiosyncrasies, and brilliance that he embodies. As a precursor to this work, $ean released two singles, Her Beretta and Pull Up, at the end of 2019. Pull Up is accompanied by $ean’s first music video, a 3-minute visually stunning masterpiece. These songs set the stage nicely for the release of $ean’s twelve track long sophomore album. 

$ean takes a decisively different tone in this album – reflecting on the beauty of his goddess, embracing his uniqueness and, as a result, his greatness. It is evident that $ean’s self-awareness has expanded, his sense of self has evolved, and his command of energies is established. His tracks move through him re-examining the relationships, moments, and experiences in his life as he stands in his new truth. There is a newfound sense of admiration, beauty, and majesty for the complexities of humanity.